Eastland Body Repairs can handle all types of car panel repairs. From minor dents and paint scratches to larger damages and smash repairs. We have a team of highly skilled specialists ready to help you. Visit our auto body shop in Ringwood today!

Big or Small Damage: We’ll Fix It

A small dent is all it takes to ruin the look of your pristine car. It also affects the overall value of your car if you are thinking of a resale. The best solution in these cases is to carry out Paintless Dent Removal.

This quick and cost-effective method is ideal for removing dents when the paint has not broken. For larger dents, sustained from more severe accidents, a full panel repair will be undertaken. You can rely on us for your vehicle body repair

Car Paint Repair

For the most part, a minor paint scratch may seem like an unnecessary expense and many would delay it. However, this could lead to rust problems, thereby increasing your overall costs in the long-term. Let’s not forget that car paint scratches will reduce your car’s resale value.

Here at Eastland Body Repairs, we offer professional colour matching. This ensures that the paint matches the colour of the rest of the car panel, which is much more cost-effective than re-painting the whole panel.